Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fancy Pants~

Our beautiful Fancy is for sale. This is a little sad, because I have enjoyed her, but have decided that she and Kito need to be sold. The kids are not into horses at all anymore, unless other kids come and ask to ride, which isn't frequent enough to keep two extra I think. We are keeping the two older geldings because they are bomb-proof and co-dependant anyway- they could never be parted!

Would you look at those sky-blue eyes!
She hasn't done any gaming in awhile, but it's what she was bred for and she likes it.
Here are pictures of the last time...warm ups.

Here she surprised us by doing really well on the poles event. It was Tori's first time, but the mare knew what to do.

Barrels too, although Tori held her back and didn't get close enough at all, but again, it was her first time.

Fancy is 8 or maybe 9 now...has small feet- we call her Cinderella when the farrier comes. She is fast, and she is a bit of a brat if you just want a quiet trail ride. She likes to go! She is fun to ride, and it's very nice to ride her around here, everyone stops me to ask if they can pet her and see her pretty eyes!
$1800 email me if you would like to come see her.
Our farrier sold her to us, and lives across the road- they have said they could track down her papers, but they are busy and so far I have not succeeded.
We would like her to go to a good home where she will get to do what she loves.

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  1. Oh she's lovely. Such a shame to have to let her go, but I know sometimes it's the right thing to do. Hope you find a good home for her.


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