Friday, June 11, 2010

Product Review: Safety 1st Lexi Deluxe Playard

I was offered the opportunity to do a review for CSN stores- over 200 online stores, what a shopping experience! Since we are just about ready to take our first foster infant placement, and I still needed a playpen/bassinet. I decided I would choose the lovely model above.
I order online pretty often, so I think I'm a fair judge of the experience in general. I chose of the 200 +  CSN stores, to order from  All Modern Baby. They had alot of cute, tempting baby things!

The website was easy to navigate and ordering was easy. The shopping cart gave me no grief, and best of all, the shipping was free! I ordered and had my package within 7 days, and that was including a 3 day holiday weekend even. I was impressed.

The playard is even nicer than the picture. It was easy to put together, very sturdy and safe, and versatile. I love that it has wheels at one end, making it simple to move,  because I specifically needed one of these in order to move the babies we will foster from room to room, depending on my husband's work schedule, and their crying habits in the middle of the night.

The playard has fabric sides that can be lowered down or fixed up, so the baby can see out when it's playing in there when it's older and this gets used for a playpen. They stay down to look pretty when it's being used as a changing table or bassinet. That brings me to the changing table- very handy, only I wish that instead of being situated in the middle, it would have been at one end so it won't have to be removed whenever I want to put a baby on the mattress to sleep. That being said, the changing table looks perfect for holding a tiny preemie- it even has a strap to hold baby in while being changed. That will come in handy if I have to step away to get another diaper wipe or grab the phone or something.  Diapers and an extra change of clothes or other misc. items can be held in the pretty flap pocket on one end of the playard.

The whole thing is just darling and most importantly practical. It's easy to pack up and comes in a fabric travel case. It folds up small enough to not take up too much room in the back of the car when we want to go somewhere.
Overall, the whole shopping experience was pleasant and the item itself is even better than I had hoped. I'd certainly recommend this to another mom- foster, adopt, or biological; babies are wonderful and this is a darling way to keep them comfy! I'm thrilled that it's so cute, as most of the time it will be kept in a convenient spot- my living room! (which I like to keep looking cute and tidy.)

IF you would like to check it out for yourself, the link is here.


  1. That is adorable, and will look even cuter with a tiny babe in it!;)

  2. can't wait to see it, I will have to favorite the CSN web site for future purchases. Thanks for the info!

  3. I sure wish they had these "modern conveniences" when we had lil ones!! Nice review Girl!!

  4. I can't believe how much baby stuff has changed in 9 years since my last one (bohoo:)) I love this! I had never heard of CSN either, but will definatly check them out, especiall with free shipping! Can't wait to hear more on your additions to the fam!

  5. Renee, not every item in every store is free shipping-


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