Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby Love

We are totally in love with this darling little baby boy we got Saturday. He has kept us busy, but he has delighted us with his warm, snuggly, baby-lotion-smelling little self.
There is nothing better than a tiny baby.
Praying for him constantly...if he doesn't get placed with a relative we are completely willing to keep him forever.

Foster care has become a topic of research for me (what doesn't? and when do I have time??!). Such a need! Such a valid, important ministry. I'm still chewing on all the ideas and thoughts in my mind- too tired really, to form anything worthy of writing for someone else to read, but still, I have to mention that is is a beautiful thing, to take in someone helpless, homeless, and needing care and love.

Someone did it for me once, and Jesus is there for us all, if we will go to Him.


  1. Dalyn:

    I was so happy to see you had a placement so quickly...and a sweet baby boy at that!

    Fostering was a sweet time in our lives. Sometimes we still miss it. Maybe when we get back down in numbers, we'll do it again:)

    It is exciting when they come, beautiful as they stay, and bittersweet when they leave.


  2. Amen! Enjoy snuggling that precious little bundle of joy:))

  3. MMMM, baby lotion.

    How are The Inheritance dvd's?
    I'v been going to order them

  4. Susa,. those DVDs are life-altering! Get them!!

  5. So glad this little boy has found such a loving home. Enjoy this beautiful little life and have fun snuggling him lots. Have a great night. Rebekah

  6. Oh, I miss that baby lotion smell & kissing those little toes & nuzzling those little downy heads. Ahhhh... that I CAN log in on my blog again (whew!) I have a little somethin'-somethin' waiting for YOU on my blog!

    Blessings from Ohio...


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