Friday, August 13, 2010


This picture is my husband, holding our sweet foster baby and playing action figures with our youngest son. The picture doesn't show baby's face on purpose.

Well, we have had this sweet baby for 3 weeks. The enemy is on the war path. The baby is growing, gaining weight, and making developmental milestones like crazy. I would be very tempted to pridefully think what a great mom I am, except my oldest daughter, after turning 18, promptly left home. Sleep deprived at the time, and leaving in the very wrong way as she did, I was devasted.

The Lord and I had some long talks over this, and the bottom line is she is in His hands at this point and I have peace. Amazing, since I have always been the kind of mother who keeps her kids close, over-protecting even, and keeping what I thought were open lines of communication. So, not even having been given the courtesy of her current address, you'd think I would be going nuts right now. I'm trusting God instead.

It was very gracious timing on the Lord's part to give me a baby at this time; to keep me preoccupied and give me someone comforting and warm to snuggle all day. Busy too! I have had 3 social workers for this baby already, two have come to the house, as well as two other people involved in his case, and I have been to several appointments for him. Lots of work, especially with football practice 5 days a week for my youngest son. It's all going well though, and I feel that we are in God's perfect will for us right now. What a great feeling! To have total peace in chaotic circumstances is the priveledge of the believer, and I am sure extra glad about that lately.

I have, you will be surprised to know, had the time to make a few batches of raw or mostly raw icecream in my Cuisinart icecream machine. I'm gonna blog a review on that soon, and I am excited about it- what a fantastic machine! My family is loving having the feezer stocked with such treats as chocolate peanutbutter and pecan icecream, strawberry icecream, and more chocolate icecream, and I am thrilled that it is by far healthier than anything you could ever buy! Raw goat milk of course.


  1. Baby is adorable! And your ice cream sounds fantastic:) I'm sure your daughter will come around in time.

  2. I bet seeing a moment like that with your husband makes you smile.
    It would me. I hope the baby is doing better. The icecream sound really delicious. The daughter, well lets just say i know all too well what it is like to have a prodigal but at least mine was a son I think it would be harder with a girl. Blessings to you Dalyn, she is in God's care, remember He loves her more than you can even imagine, He created her. He knows her address and He knows what she needs to deal with her own stuff. He will bring her through it and she will grow but Oh if we could only keep them from the painful repercussions of their own decisions.


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