Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Animals Have it Easy~

All these pictures were taken the past week. They are critters on my ranch. I've been thinking how easy animals have it relationally. They do what comes naturally and follow their instincts. We have a hard road. We have so many temptaions and hardships where relationships are concerned. They can either be the biggest blessings or the darkest curses. Some we have to endure, some we can choose, enjoy, then leave behind for various reasons, and some are pure bliss. They are so complicated. They are hard. It's tempting to not get involved isn't it sometimes? The catch is that the Lord made us to really need each other. Relationships are vital. I guess I'm in a place where I have finally learned to be more selective in my intimate relationships. It's about time. Really, I think of all the time and energy spent on trying to work out things with toxic people.
I realize now that some poeple are meant to be loved and prayed for from afar. A good, safe distance...until they get healthy and free anyway.
Yep, animals have it easy. Of course, at least I don't have to worry about being on the table for Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, it would make life easier if some of my harder relationships were candidates for that. ")

I guess it's important to remember that most of the people in our sphere of influence are there for a purpose. We are to affect them somehow and they are to affect us. Sometimes it's best not to fight it.  Prayer and counsel...two important ingredients in navigating the twisty churning relatioship waters.


  1. Well said, friend. :) I'm somewhat back on fb. I just missed you too much. lol ;)

  2. Hi Dalyn, Amen! I have found this to be true also but unfortunately after much energy wasted on my part....standing back in prayer does work better so God can work in that person's life:) But that is indeed the hard part! May the Lord bless you in this area. Your animal pics were great..what a gorgeous turkey! May you have a blessed day....Teresa

  3. You are on the mark with this one! I love how you tied the animals into the post.

  4. You have been in my thoughts and prayers so much this week Dalyn! Thanks for the great post. Hang in there~ God knows what He's doing:)) I am standing back too and waiting for Him to move here, He promises He will, and all for our good and His glory. Maybe it's us He's changing in the process and not them?? {{Girlfriend Hugs}} Great pics!

  5. Wonderful lesson! I think it is hard to remember that at times.

    So glad I found your blog again! I was at Rosauers the other day, and thought I saw you, then realized I hadn't read your blog in ages. The twins definitely have taken up some of my blog reading time.


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