Monday, November 15, 2010

Another CSN Review and Some Nostalgia

Well, on to some good news. I have a couple of product reviews to do, and I'm excited about both. The first is another product from CSN Stores, which is always fun becuase there are over 200 stores to choose from! I love to shop online, its' so convenient, and with CSN Stores you can go from baby furniture to espresso machines to bathroom shelving. I think I know what I want though, since they allow me to choose my product (which I love!) I usually try something practical that I will use alot. My food processor recently gave up the ghost, and since it's something I use weekly and in some seasons of the year almost daily, I think I'll choose that. I'm also doing another review;  the new raw recipe e-book Delightfully Raw. You can read Carmella's post about it here. Since you absolutely need a food processor when preparing raw goodies, I need one! What good timing, huh?

As for the nostalgia part of the post...I love the picture of Ben above. He was about 4 years old, tops, maybe even just 3 in this shot. He was learning to milk Claire, my very first nubian goat. That goat was a rascal, but a great mother and milker. I should have kept her. She also had moon spots which are hot now, although then they were not quite as popular and I didn't think too much about them. Silly me. Clair loved to put her foot in my pail, even when she couldn't actually kick it over. I traded her for a livestock guardian puppy that turned into "Cujo". I had to get rid of her by the time she was a year old. She tried to kill my poor old ancient golden retriever, and that was it. Bye bye dog breath. I didn't miss her. I do, however miss Clair, and her yearly triplets of quads.

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