Sunday, December 12, 2010

Reflection On a Year Well- Lived~

2010 Babies born and babies who grew up too soon and left mamma's nest...

The year is about over and of course I, like most, tend to reflect on it in quiet moments. What would I change? What could I have done better or different? What will I repeat next year? What were the seriously high points I want to remember forever? I haven't gotten that far yet, because these days I have very few quiet moments for myself.

 I still can't post pictures of our little foster baby, but I am excited to update! Last week there was a hearing and the department asked for the primary plan to change to adoption.  The parents both have the opportunity still to make even a half-way attempt, and they could get this baby back. It wouldn't be best for him, but I'm still for that law, because if it were me, I would want the chance. However, if baby went back, he wouldn't even be safe, so it's really best he stay here. He is of course, part of the family. Has been from day 1. We determined to give him everything we had emotionally, and I'm glad, because what was supposed to be a weekend placement turned out to be a lifetime. God is good!

Ben and his football coach. This guy turned a ragtag group of boys, most of whom had never even played, into a good, disciplined team who almost made it to the play offs. We like to think he's the best coach ever! I hope he's still around to coach baby some day! We all hope our team raises enough money to get respectable uniforms next year!

I couldn't have made it through this past year without this faceless woman. A best and dear friend who holds up the Word of God to me and makes me hold it up too! It was a tough year for both of us, but the Lord has brought us through and not only just barely, but with plunder from the enemy!

I'm so glad Doug and I got to go through another year with good friends and their beautiful kids. This little darling and her brother and sisters are kiddos that I love like family.
Another year spent on the quiet ranch where peace prevails and birds sing even in the winter. Where there's a front porch for sitting, acres and acres for children playing, sledding down snowy hills and running with horses...watching owls, hawks, and coyotes.

Our last year spent with a young man as close to my own son as a brother, and as dear to my heart as a son. How we love this kid!

Another year spent with my critters that I love! Those long hot summer days spent laying in the grass while they browsed around me...those are feelings you can't buy. My animals give me pleasure and an uncommon inner rest even while I work hard to take care of them and keep them well.

I hope to get a little more time to reflect on the past year soon, but even if I'm too busy, I will have the knowledge that it was blessed. It had ups and lots of downs but at the end, like always I know God was there. The Lord taught us and carried us and we are better and more than we were before this year.
Bring on another!


  1. This post made me stop and do some reflecting! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Loved this post Dalyn:)) God certainly is good!

  3. Amen, dear sister. Your last paragraph sums up our year, too.

    God bless your 2011!

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><


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