Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm Gonna Give Away $55

January....the holidays are over, we all felt like we were running around at 90 miles an hour, and now life seems boring that it's all ended. Well, that's how I do it anyway. Not very smart, I know. Truth is, I just get bored around this time of the year. I shop online alot! I like to shop at CSN stores, so I don't have to go anywhere! They have over 200 stores where you can shop for things like swingsets, purses, diaper bags or cookware, just about anything... You name it!
 I have shopped there and done reviews for awhile now and I really am impressed with the customer service. The best part:
They are letting me give away $55 to shop at their stores with!
That's right- you can win a promo code for $55 to spend any way you like on their website. Buy a fancy dog bed, or a new coffee pot- whatever!
Oh I am so excited!
Keep an eye on my blog in the next couple of days...I'm going to run a contest, and you, my friend, could win!

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