Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Delightfully Raw eBook Review~

I recently had the opportunity to review this recipe ebook, and I have to say, it's the best raw recipe book out there for my taste. I could have done without so many pictures of Carmella and her pal, even though she seems like a sweetheart, because I would appreciate her so much more with a bra on. That's beside the point though; I'm just weird like that and it bugged me.I'm really visual so the pictures of the food helped me immensely.  She takes gorgeous photos to illustrate her books and her blog is full of scrumptious recipes too. Her pictures don't just inspire me to get up the nerve to make a delicious raw creation, but they often cause me to drool and crave! The raw deserts this woman makes are ten times more divine than anything baked. I also like her take on snacks, which I could live on. 

I highly recommend this book for raw foodies and for those just starting out. The recipes are often simple but elegant, nutritious, and I mostly like 'em because of the deliciouness quotient! I have 8 or 9 raw food recipe books on my shelf, and scour the web for good recipes too, and I can say with integrity that this book is a raw winner!
Here's what Carmella says about this book:
In this, my third and most comprehensive raw recipe book, I discuss a range of topics including successfully transitioning to the raw lifestyle, how best to equip a raw kitchen, and techniques like sprouting, dehydrating and preparing cultured foods and beverages. Delightfully Raw features 96 of my most delectable culinary creations and will appeal to anyone interested in a healthier diet, regardless of their level of knowledge and experience. From easy one-step everyday fare to more elaborate and involved gourmet dishes and layered cakes, it offers something for every occasion. Incredibly tasty smoothies, creamy and comforting warm soups, sexy salads, delicious nut cheezes, tasty satisfying entrees and scrumptious guilt-free desserts... healthy food never tasted so good!

A ‘work of heart’, as I like to call my books, Delightfully Raw is an honest, beautifully illustrated and joyful celebration of how delightful raw food can be.
Super Chocolate Shake 54

So Like Campbell’s Tomato Soup 58
Creamy Zucchini and Lovage Bisque 60

Don’s Pilgrim's Soup 61
Curried Corn Chowder 62

Cheezy Spinach Almond Soup 67

Creamy Sweet Pea Soup 69

Caesar Dressing 74

Chia House Dressing 75

Chia Mustard Dressing 76

Jeanne’s Asian Spinach Salad 80

Herbed Almonnaise 84

Sunflower Garlic Spread 84

Cheddar Cheeze Spread or Dip 85

Basil & Garlic Cheeze 86

Herb & Green Onion Cheeze 88
Spinach & Cream Pasta Casserole 94

Kelp Noodles & Veggies in Peanut Sauce 97

Spring Rolls with Ginger Dipping Sauce 99

Basil & Fennel Pizza 102
Nori Rolls with Ginger Sunflower Pate 110

'Warm Me Up' Chili 113

Tuscan Pizza 114

Soft Veggie Wraps 119

Garlic Nori Snacks 122

Strawberry Shortcake 130

Persimmon Shortcake 132

Delight-full Chocolate Orange Cake 133

Chocolate 'N Cream Charlotte 139

Black Forest Cherry Cake 142

Durian Chocolate Mousse Cake 146

'Super' Caramel Chocolate Tarts 148

Blueberry Dream Pie 151

Carmi's Fruit & Nut 158
Carmella's websites:
Sunny Raw Kitchen blog - Winner of Best of RAW 2008: http://thesunnyrawkitchen.blogspot.com/

Raw Freedom Community Forum: http://www.rawfreedomcommunity.info/forum/
My raw recipe ebooks:
'The Best of the Sunny Raw Kitchen': http://www.blogger.com/goog_1846234708


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  1. I work at a health food store & so many ppl are 'going vegan'. Personally, I eat more veggies than meat, but I'm not that brave! lol This book looks great.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><


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