Tuesday, March 22, 2011

OurCrazyFarm: The Celebration

OurCrazyFarm: The Celebration

This woman humbles me and leaves me speechless. In the post above she shares about her son't funeral. A beautiful 12 year old boy. I have one that age that I love more than my life. I can't imagine being as strong, sharing, and faithful. It's a painful post to read. The pictures are wrenching to me. It's a long post, but if you want a new perspective on death, (and my goodness but don't we all need one?) grab a box of kleenex and go read it.

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  1. Could you just pack up your family and your goats and move to WI to be my neighbor??!:))) Thank you for being my "Aaron" as God leads us through His good and perfect plan in our life. You know the same God and He promises to be all that you wrote about in your life, too, my bloggy friend. Terri

    PS~ And bring Teresa's family with you to WI, too, okay??!


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