Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life Without Limits Book Review

I admit I rarely if ever (maybe never?!) read motivational type books. I was interested in Nick's story because I have seen his Youtube videos. Cried like a baby too. I'm glad I read it! Nick was so very open in this book, sharing personal stories, childhood incidents, and even some raw emotions.This handsome young Australian was born without arms or legs to parents who had no clue their first born son was going to be disabled. They were devasted and Nick unflinchingly shares that his mother would not even hold him at first. Broke my heart! I didn't find a person to pity at all, but one to admire and even emulate. Nick Vujicic (Voy-a-chich) is not only an inspiration, but a determined evangelist, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, math wiz...surfer, drummer, world traveler, and much more. He didn't let his lack of limbs limit him, but found strength in the Lord and family, and decided to be not only happy and productive, but ridiculously so. He says he is ridiculously happy, and I believe him!

I'm not usually easily influenced, but I feel that reading this book did change my perspective and give me more drive to create, dream big, and not allow self-imposed limits in my life. My whole family is in line to read it! That delights me, because I think Nick's message  is too good not to share. I am a little picky about writing, and I felt the book to be a bit redundant at times. It bugged me, I admit, but really it was well-written other than that and I had a hard time putting it down.
Nick encourages his readers to make a difference, to find their purpose, to be hopeful, encourages people to believe in yourself, value yourself, maintain a good attitude, act with courage, practice resilience, master change, form empowering relationships, act on opportunities, and live a little crazy. He breaks all of his suggestions down to bite sized pieces and offers not only a great deal of practical advice, but personal stories that apply and help you learn to laugh at yourself as he does himself. He's definitely one up on most of us for humility.
The back of the book has a list of resources to help you get involved in making a difference for others, too.
The story of a young woman Nick met in Indonesia named Esther really touched me. I love how God intervenes in amazing ways sometimes and Nick does a great job of relating stories to illustrate that. He has a beautiful faith and that's why I took his words to heart. It wasn't mere humanistic advice he was sharing, but heartfelt and hard-won wisdom from his own life experience.
So, this young man is exceptional, and has turned out an exceptional book. Worth the read!

“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”.


  1. Hi Dalyn!

    My Hubby does a blog talk radio show called "Christian Devotions Speak Up!" He just got this book in the mail too! He will be interviewing Nick for a pre-recorded show in April and it will probably air in June. What an awesome testimony this guy has! There is no "poor me" about him! I am going to have to snag the book now to read.

  2. My son is a filmmaker in California. He had Nick as a guest speaker for their yearly event. I still kick myself I didn't fly out and attend, and meet Nick in the process. Truly an amazing man of God.


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