Thursday, March 24, 2011

Raw Spicey Flax Crackers~

Last summer I had a neighbor give me a large quantity of some sort of spicey green pepper from a local garden. I have no idea what they were, but they packed some heat and were really tasty. I dehydrated most of them so they wouldn't go bad before I could use them, and then ground them in the food processor until they were a nice powder. What a great thing! I put them in this great little mason jar with the old -timey lid and keep it on the counter, ready to shake a little spice into my dishes. We like spice around here!

 Recently I used some of this lovely hot powder in my spicey flax crackers. My husband and I adore flax crackers, and they are so good for you. Heat destroys all those lovely oils in the seeds though, so you lose any benefits when you cook them. I eat them raw in smoothies, or like this, in my dehydrated crackers. Remember to use a low setting. I like no higher than 105'

I used my VitaMix for this recipe. I honetly use whatever is in the fridge, and it turns out yummy. For these I used 2 or 3 plump jalenpenos (you might like 1/2 or only 1) some green onions, half an unpeeled lemon, salt and pepper.
I pureed that mixture with plenty of water, then I added my flax seeds. I never measure- sorry! I added enough so that there was still about 3 inches of water over the top of them. Then I added the spicey powder. When they get wet, you let them sit a few minutes and they turn into a gelatinous goo. That looks gross, but it ensures that the mass will stick together, and not fall through the little mesh holes of the dehydrator even though it looks like liquid that will pour through.

Spread the goo on the trays- a little thicker than you'd think. Make sure you have the trys covered with the kind of liner for liquid-y type things, or else use some parchment paper cut to fit.

Deydrate overnight or several hours and then flip over after scoring into cracker shapes, or else just do like I do and break them up. Let them dry another few hours until really crispy.

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