Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bee Keeper's Meeting~

I'm pretty excited! Tonight I am going to my friend Jennifer's to "work the bees". She has two or maybe three hives and is going to let me help her do something or other to them. We are going into town after that for my first ever Bee Keeper's meeting!
I have spent the past two weeks researching honey bees and hives and in my own typical fashion, chomping at the bit to dive right in and get some. I love a good project! However, my husband is a little more tame than me and is not at all thrilled with the idea of keeping bees. Actually, he hates the idea. So...we agreed that I would spend the year researching, and then by early spring of next year if we decide to do it, then I can get my first hive. Early spring is apparently the best time to start up, so there's my deadline for research and conning, er, um, I mean convincing my husband to agree to this wonderful plan!


  1. We are being a host farm again this year for bees,last time we had 104 hives. I will be learning from the bee guy how to keep my own,I'm so excited, hubby not so much.
    Ps~ I have a mare named Fancy as well!

  2. Dalyn ~ What an exciting endeavor! I assisted with introducing Queens to several bee yards (apiary) years ago. I still remember it like it was yesterday. (It was a hot, sunny day!) It's an odd feeling at first, to have bees landing all over you, marching up and down your mesh-covered face. You just have to trust your gear and push that feeling aside and focus on the task at hand. (The man I assisted didn't even wear any suit or cover.) I plan to have bees on our 40 acres eventually. I have no worries about them, just have to set the plan in motion. And I bet the more your husband knows about them, the more appreciative he will be for their presence. Have fun!

  3. good luck with that my friend! Dougy can be a lil hard headed at times...teehee!!!

  4. Thanks so much for visiting me. I will sure check out your post for making the goat milk cheese. Not too sure what excately I made, but we ate it and it was good. Loving your blog, can't wait to come back and settle in for awhile and do some reading. We seem to have a lot in common. I soooo want to do bee's some day.


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