Friday, October 14, 2011

Quarantined But With a Good Read

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease or something like it. That's what type of nasty virus my poor little cowboy has. So, like it or not, we are in a state of quarantine. Fortunately, I like it. We have been crazy busy and at least the youngest two boys and I are having some quiet days at home.

 My poor Mr. Tall Dark & Handsome is still busy with work, hunting, football coaching, and CPR classes. I love that he takes time to read stories and cuddle our litle cowboy though.

Ben is loving Jeannie Fulbright's newest Apologia science book: Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology. He made the jell-O version of the cell and we enjoyed eating the experiment afterward, except for all the candies. Those were nasty.

Another very valuable aspect of being home more is that I have had time to read and study my Bible. I've several really good books going too, and the one I'm really growing from is Kay Arthur's "As Silver Refined."
You know I have such a past! You might have lived a nice, dull, clean life, but B.C. (before Christ) I didn't. I could be, and have been, bound up with regrets from past hurts and now that my kids are older, my failures. May I suggest to those of you whose children are young; focus on your relationship with God, your spouse, and your kids above all else. Do life, instead of letting it just happen, and do it with them!

Kay Arthur is a woman who has immersed herself in Bible study for years. Her speech and writing are full of treasures from the Word. I expected as much when I got this book, but it has been so much more than I even expected. Imagine life full of peace and victory istead of defeat and depression when things don't go right. I was able to resolve some hurt and guilt issues that were there since my childhood (and my kids')  by the 2nd chapter! 
Learning that the key to not being defeated by circumstances of any kind or people, is knowing God's Word and character so thoroughly that the enemy can't get his fiery darts past that shield of faith is amazing liberty! God is sovereign and nothing, but nothing, happens in your life outside of His will for your refinement, growth and good, is the way to overcome despair and to be healed.
This book will teach you how to respond in faith and not fear. It will teach you to see with spriritual eyes and to not just put on the full armor of God but to put it to effective use!
This morning I woke up early with some past regrets eating a hole in my gut. My daughter has suffered for a mistake I made when she was 5 years old. She is dealing with it now, and I am so grateful she has a relationship with Christ that allows her to go to Him for her healing. Nevertheless, I was suffering such pangs of remorse and feelings of failure I knew I needed to seek the Lord for some real comfort and answers. I read page 35 that I have marked in As Silver Refined. It says, "Where normally there would be defeat, they can attest to victory. They're walking through fire, but their focus isn't on the flames; it's on the One who walks with them in the midst of the fire, as Shadrach and Meshach and Abednego experienced in the fiery furnace. They aren't thinking about what damage this will do-and they aren't coming out smelling like smoke!" (I added the bold)
Boy I needed to read that. I realized that God will use my mistake and that I need not continue to agonize over failures with my children. They all know the Lord and are growing...God will use even those things to refine them, too. Oh sweet relief!
I am so grateful the Lord chose to put a copy of this book in my hands at just the right time. I plan on asking my two older kids to read it. There's a well-laid out 13 week Bible Study guide in the back too, just an FYI.
 Kay reminded me in this book to never forget the our minds are the battleground- the front lines for satan's attacks. It's so true. The mind really is where the battle is fought and won (or lost) and so my friends, resist! Remembering this fact is the key to winning spiritual war. Soak your mind in God's truth. This book is a powerful tool. I have found it of great value in my walk with God and my family.
I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review, and I wasn't even required to post a positive review! :)

You can read more about Kay Arthur here. Read an exerpt from this book here. Download the 1st chapter here. Guess what? If you are nice and review my review, you should know that there may be a gift for you! Here's what the nifty folks at WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing said:
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  1. What an incredible post and review...I rated it a five. You touched my heart and you spoke volumes to me. You wrote this in such a way as to minister to my spirit.

    Thank you, thank you!


  2. Not only was this a great review of this book, but your post ministered to my heart. You have certainly made me want to read and study "As Silver Refined". Blessings to you and your household! I pray that your little one recovers quickly from the virus.

  3. Thank you Brenda, I hope you do get this book and read it and do the's amazing!

  4. Your review of Kay Arthur's book, As Silver Refined, is compelling. I would love to read the book, and am grateful for how applicable it is to life. Thank you for being vulnerable and allowing us to see how God doesn't waste anything in our lives, in His work within us. Hang on to His great love!

  5. We are doing the science book you mentioned and loving it as well. We didn't do the jello cell but J really loved mummifying the apple and drawing the cell city. :) So thankful for Jeannie A. and her books!

    Hope your little man heals up quickly. xoxo


  6. Jessica, we did the mummified apple too. Reminded me of the little old lady dolls my gramma had; they had little dried apple heads. I always wondered what they tasted like! :)

  7. great review Dalyn and definitely a book I would be interested in reading! I especially struggle with keeping a positive attitude during negative circumstances...and past regret, would love to overcome both those obstacles in my walk with God! Hope your little one mends quickly!

  8. Great review Dalyn! There is such peace in knowing that God is sovereign~ over everything; and as a believer all of those things work for our good. So happy to hear of your peace:))Love the pictures!


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