Saturday, November 26, 2011

Horse Therapy

I have my (only) deep thoughts first thing in the morning, before I get out of bed, before I know if I'm fully awake or not. I also have some really inspired ideas...until the light of day hits and I somehow decide I won't/can't pursue whatever great thing I had planned in the wee hours.
Take this morning for example; I decided it would be a wonderful thing to get in touch with the social workers I know, and the Guardian Ad Lidim supervisor and round up a few teens in foster care who are into animals- especially horses. I thought, "Why not? I have 4 horses that I don't ever have time to groom, and a large amount of other critters who would use a brushing, patting, or scratching on the ears. Free therapy for kids!"
I've read a couple books lately by a woman who runs a horse rescue ranch that doubles as a day camp for troubled kids. I'm not up to something like that at this point, but certainly I could have a couple of horse crazy girls around to enjoy what I'm blessed with...or a foster kid stuck in the city with dreams of the country life...goats to milk, eggs to collect...?
Such a good idea until my first cup of decaf (yes, that's what I drink). Then I get little nagging thoughts and doubts as to why it's not such a good idea...or why I should wait...always wait.
I think the Lord blessed us with this little horse ranch and all the critters because I had this dream as a child- and He is a gracious God and kind to His children. But I also would like to share it. Somehow. Someday.
Sharing it with foster children doesn't seem enough. Maybe it is. I don't know. sigh.


  1. Switch to the fully-loaded coffee, Dalyn, and after about the third cup you'll realize that you got up the nerve to call those social workers and those kids are a mile away, driving towards your house and you did do it {now} and there's no changing your mind, and then you'll see God's blessings poured out on all of you!

    Just saying, not that I drink three cups of caffeinated beverages a day or jump in with both feet on anything and wonder how I ever got myself into this new tangle, only to find God being glorified in the midst of it . . . just saying.... :)))

    Cute, cute pics!

  2. I operated a Therapeutic Riding for handicapped children program for around 5 years (it's been a few years ago.) It's incredibly rewarding. You'll see the inside of a kid open up when they're working with the horses that you wouldn't be able to get to any other way. God gave horses a wonderful gift ... yes, share it!

    Start small and only with as many as you're comfortable working with at a time. Let it grow as the Lord shows you.

    I have some amazing stories about the kids I worked with. One of the most touching ones is when I heard a 9 year old boy with autism say his first word. He had ridden with our program for several years. One day as I dismounted him after the riding session, he looked me in the eyes, smiled and said, "Horseeeey" His parents heard him and were in tears of joy.

    I pray the Lord blesses you with these kinds of memories! :D


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