Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nail Seasons

Don't you love these?! I do.  In the late spring all the way through fall and sometimes into the winter I am milking goats. This year they are bred and dried up early so I am free to get some darling gel nails. I love these cute polka dots. They make me happy just looking at them. Unfortunately I don't love fake nails and they ache the first night so I need to take ibuprofin, so I don't make a habit of them. I saw these in baby blue on Pinterest today though and couldn't resist, but mine are more a pastel green.

In the summer I wear flipflops almost daily and I love pedicures. This was one I got with my buddy Gretchen. We went together and got matching toes. Fun girl day, and no, I don't feel guilty 'cause girl days are rare. I mean rare.
Anyway, I love the farmgirl thing, and the mommy thing- those are the best! But it is nice sometimes to be spoiled. What do you do to take care of yourself?


  1. Dalyn ~ Cute nails. :) However, I gasped when I saw your comment about the fake nails. I just attended a Christian conference. One of the speakers was Renee Bondi, a paraplegic. She had a freak accident. Now, get ready...she attributes her accident to (possibly) the glue from fake nails. I'll send you the link to the video to watch her talk about it if you wish. At any rate, check out Renee...she's a beautiful woman who loves the Lord!

  2. scary! I haven't heard of her...I need to check her out. Thanks for sharing that story!

  3. Hummm, my feet look just like that! We must wear the same type flipflops.


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