Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Loving Warrior in Batman Underpants

I'm sitting here with tears still streaming down my face. I just finished a great book about a great man.
A man who was a "Tender Warrior" - a man of courage, valor, compassion and brave beyond all words. He gave his life for his country- for his family, his way of life and ours.
After reading this amazingly well-written book I feel like the loss was personal, and I guess in a way it is. The soldiers who fight for us really do fight for me and for you. We forget that, don't we?

Adam Brown was a man who conquered whatever he set out to accomplish "against all odds" time and again. He conquered drugs and crime, betrayal and his own flesh to become a man of uncompromising character and selfless determination. Adam was a humble hero. He loved as hard as he fought and he fought hard. He overcame his past,  physical injuries and then serious limitations- time and again...

Eric Blehm tells Adams story in a manner that is rich in detail, honest, oh-so-honest, and riviting.
Adam Brown was a fearless Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator, but he shines in my heart still as a rugged, loving, Daddy who died wearing Batman underwear.
This book made me laugh, sob, and think- I know it changed me.
I didn't really think I would get into this book. I really ordered it for my husband. When it arrived I planned on reading it before him in order to get this review done, but he snapped it up first. He loves these kinds of books, and it's no wonder. He has become a similar kind of man. I thought of him at times throughout the book, the way he beat odds, refuses to give up, looks amazing in his uniform and uses his strength for others at work and then at home tenderly changes diapers on a drug baby because I'm tired and worn out, even though he might not have slept for 2 days straight. The world needs more men like these.

 My husband read "Fearless" twice in a row before I got it, cried both times, and I know he was changed. Even in death Adam is mentoring men. Praise Jesus, who Adam Brown loved and served!
I think this should be required reading for highschool and college students. And housewives, plumbers, and anybody else alive. Seriously, there are not words for this book.
And you know something else, Adam Brown's wife was every bit the warrior he was. She amazed me just as much as he did. Kelley Brown is an American hero, no question.
Buy it and/or read the 1st chapter here

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