Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Robbin' the Honey Bees

Today was the day- finally! We were able to take the honey from our bees after checking to make sure they had enough to survive the winter. We are late doing it, but thank goodness we have had very warm weather lately so it's working out fine.
My husband is my hero. He borrowed a suit and the extracting equipment from another firefighter (Thanks Matt!!) and so we were able to get the most beautiful, fragrant and delicious raw honey I have ever tasted!
It's a golden color, and tastes like the apples and pears we are surrounded by. I have been buying local raw honey for a dozen years and I think ours is the best I've ever had. Maybe the hard work makes it taste sweeter? Nah. Our bees are just gifted.  *U*
My husband doing a handstand in the bee yard. Hilarious! He's so brave with a suit on! Much better than shorts and flip flops.
Using the capping knife.
Straight up comb in a jar.
Labeled and ready to be sent to my mom.

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