Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Still Lolo Review

This beautiful young lady has quite a story to tell. My own daughter about this age read it and she is the one who reviewed it for this post.

Lolo is as amazing as she is beautiful!
 Read the first chapter here
 Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

Here's Tori's review:

Still Lolo. The title itself was enough to interest me. Even though I started reading the book during a very busy week, I still read it every quiet chance I had. The story starts with and belongs to a young woman whose life seemed to be absolutely charmed. She loved Jesus, had an exciting and fulfilling life and a wonderful family that brimmed with support and love for each other. Then one day everything changes and Lauren’s life is torn apart by a tragic accident.
The story is told by several different members of her family, and because of the way the story is laid out, you don’t get the whole story at once. You get a glimpse into the tragedy, and then get the story of Lolo’s life before her accident. I have to say, that’s a huge part of what kept me reading late into the night. There was suspense. What could possibly threaten to derail the life of this beautiful, successful woman?
And then comes the story of redemption. Of courage. Of strength that can only come from a real, deep relationship with Jesus. The story of getting back up after being thrown to the ground and having a vital part of your identity taken from your life. I don’t know if I could hope to be so tenacious.
The story is inspiring, it’s beautiful and it’s told in a very clear and real tone. Almost as if you are sitting in the room with Lauren’s entire family listening to their story.
If you are looking for an inspiring, real life story to read, I promise you this book will remind you that God’s hand is in everything, and not a single one of your problems are too large for him to make beautiful.


  1. Great review. I'm going to put this in my Amazon wishlist.

  2. Just finished this book a lil' bit ago this morning. A very wonderful story that anyone can relate to keeping in mind that life is full of challenges, grief, and loss. Hope and inspiration streams from the heart of these dear ones who so beautifully wrote out their story. Thanks for reviewing it...I'm sure I would not have read it otherwise.

  3. So glad you liked it. We need
    More stories of
    Courage and faith!


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