Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What Do We Care About?

In our country we care about animal cruelty, and so we should.
We care about our eggs coming from cage free chickens and so we should.
We care about the food we serve to our families being pesticide free and non- GMO. And we should.
We care about a lot of important things.
But do we care about the really important things? People. What about the poor and the homeless? What about the unborn? All the lonely children in orphanages around the world? Do we care about the many, oh-so-many children in our own neighborhoods? All those in foster care or who need to be if only there where enough open arms. Did you know in many places, my own valley for instance, there aren't enough foster homes to house the growing number of needy children. ( oh our society is ill. Sick and getting sicker.)

If we poke our heads up out of our fashion magazines, action movies, smartphones and Facebook we might see those around us who need us. Not just our thoughts.
Not just our well wishes or even our guilt money. How about the idea that they need US?
Our bedtime stories.
Our tuck-you-into-bed.
Our hugs and kisses and our, I'll be at every game- and -dance- recital. Our love and concern and compassion. Our mommyness and daddyness. Our protection.
They have names and faces.
Can you make room inside to love another person? Good. Then go do it.

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  1. I love your words this morning because they are charged and vibrating with the truth that they hold, and I pray that they penetrate the hearts that need to hear them. ♥ They've found a place in mine. May HE open up many, many hearts and may your life give others the courage to step up and offer what they have to give. Mommy hugs and kisses, bedtime stories, adoring glances from across a room ...these are all free! We can give these and so much more if we wanted to......(if Jesus wanted us to). Seems a great question to ask Him about. :)


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