Friday, January 18, 2013

Les Miserables ~ audio

Les Miserables is a hot topic amongst the community here. Especially the young people. The movie, which I haven't taken the time to see, is pretty popular. Tyndale Publishers gave me a free copy of the audio book put out by Focus on the Family to review. Things have been so busy I just finally got to it recently. It's wonderful! I had forgotten just how enthralling a well done audio book could be. The older kids and I used them all the time in our homeschooling but Ben and I, not so much. He enjoyed Les Miserables too.
The voices for the characters are believable, the sound effects and the background all draws you in and breathes life into the narrative. I myself was totally in the story. This is a classic tale and this audio version so well done that it demands some attention from the homeschool community. I loved it! Highly recommended!


  1. Sounds like and interesting book!

  2. Into the Amazon cart it goes...thanks for the review. :)


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