Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Get a Taste

of the true Gospel at work. The Gospel of Jesus Christ- the Gospel of Love.
I was convicted. I was inspired, jealous and intrigued. I wanted to go and then I realized I'm in the middle of my own mission field here and now.
Missions are wonderful to read about. But this, this was more like reading further chapters of the Book of Acts. The dead are raised, the starving are fed, the blind see and deaf hear. It's the real Gospel at work, and I'm sad that here in our country we can only read about it. I have often wondered why we don't see the same kinds of miracles here, but I suppose our need is different and we are cold. We don't love like that. It makes me so sad, makes me pound on Heaven's door for a taste.
This book was astounding. Well-written, and awe-inspiring. I wish that we all could experience this kind of life, let alone read about it. I suppose we all have our work to do, and our chapters will be written too. Sigh. I would love if mine were written with half so much love and passion.
The best message I have read in ages.
Thank you to Baker Publishing for the privilege of reviewing such a wonderous book!
*I received a copy free for the review*
Like Reading the Book of Acts for Our Time!


  1. Great review Dalyn! Yes, you are living your very own missions story:)

  2. Adding this to my To Read list.
    Yes, Ma'am you indeed are living an on mission life right there at home. Keep up the good work dear lady!
    Hugs from Texas,
    Catherine :)

  3. I have to agree, you are living your own missions field right there in your own home. I can't wait to order this book, this looks like something I would love to read. Right up my alley! so to speak :o) But I , like you, have often wondered why we don't see more passion, reckless abandon for the Gospel, being lived out right in front of us. Then I think of my girls that I am raising and our two Don's, one my brother one my husbands brother, both aloholics, my brother dieing from cancer but has recently come to the Lord and the doors that the Lord has opened up for me to reach out to him. My husbands brother, homeless without a pot to pee in, we have brought him into our home, fed him, given him a spot to sleep and food to eat a place to shower and a job in our company.....Lord , we pray that you will open up the door to his heart to receive your beautiful gospel. Is this it? I think it it is, I think what you are doing is too!


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