Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Baby is Not Such a Baby

My youngest biological child is an amazing person. I adore every one of my children and this one has been my buddy for the past year after the oldest two left home. He has been the keeper of the barn, pellet stoves and my assistant in all things babies.

His recent birthday made me think again just how awfully fast they grow up. Sigh.

We do birthdays right around here, and you can see they always include the favorite foods of the birthday person.

This weekend my husband has been diagnosed with pneumonia and I think I have it too but I don't have time to go to a Doctor. I sincerely hope I don't and this clears up because I feel like death warmed over.

I'm beginning to see the value in changing the world for a couple kids and not trying to take in a football team. We are outnumbered and exhausted. Living in such a needy community, it's easy to say yes to needs. Tonight I tucked in 4 little people under the age of 3. Our 21/2 year old, a 1 year old who may become permanent and a 4 month old, also likely permanent with a sibling on the way- probably to us, and a 6 week old. Now it's easy to see why we are weak and sick.

All in all I wish we could keep it up long term but we can't so I think the little people who need to be adopted will stay and we will give others the privilege of fostering in our community. It's time to focus on raising this second family.

We are completely enjoying our daughter and granddaughter living here on the ranch. I need to buy a pony for all these little ones!

The goats are done kidding and there are spotty little darlings running and jumping all over the barnyard. The bees wintered well, the chickens are laying and the birds sing spring songs every morning and the roosters crow all day like fools and I can't help but be happy at all the life here in spite of being sick.


  1. I see you blogged tonight, I am exhausted just looking at all those babies! Whew! We need to go to another adoptive moms retreat...if we could just find the time. This time it should be at a spa, with massages, pedicures, and tons of time to sit around in peace and quiet. I'll keep dreaming.

  2. Michelle, there's a new Blogger app for iPhone, and since I'm always sitting and feeding a baby, I can blog one-handed from my cell. Otherwise I'm not sure in would ever get the chance these days.
    I'll dream that dream with you, it's a great one!

  3. You are in my prayers! I love the pic of the three littles. We have not had anymore come into our house since the 7 week old went home. It's a bit sad for me, but I know God has a plan!

  4. I must have read through quickly cause I'm counting babies on my fingers trying to figure who is new, who is staying possibly forever, and who is staying for a shorter while. :) I need to re-read. :) And I need to pray for your family and your health...which I will do! So sorry you are sick (both of you) Love hearing news from your house.

  5. Love the pics! Praying for you and all your sweet little one's today:)


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