Sunday, December 22, 2013

My kids

In no particular order...

A 4 year old and 3 year old together? With us in our mid-forties? Ya, they're kiting us. Cute though, huh?

Of course this one is mine. He is not interested in being a performer. Forges his own trail, that one. Decided to sit this one out. I get it, kid. Me too.

My oldest, all grown up and gorgeous with her own. It breaks my heart and fills it at the same time. My grand baby is so adorable that it's hard to describe. Everyone thinks I'm exaggerating. But really...look at her! Beauty and personality x 10.

My sweet little mamma's boy is growing up. No longer a boy. On his way to hairy, deep-voiced manhood. He's great!

Our doe-eyed girl is no longer a tiny preemie but a busting out chubby little toddler. She's a shrieking banshee one minute and sweet snugly darling the next. Pure female.

My gorgeous and manly oldest usual he's in the middle of a crowd, dancing. I don't get to see him much but he's tender enough of my feelings to call regularly. I miss this guy.

There are my kids today. It occurs to me sometimes profoundly to try to capture moments because these people are changing all too quickly and they hardly hold still enough for me to get my arms wrapped around them to plant motherly and affectionate kisses on them.

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