Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sprouted Mini Loaves

These are from pages 422-423 of Trim healthy Mama. I follow this book pretty loosely and closer to Serene's purist style. I love The Maker's Diet and Nourishing Traditions. Those books are tried and true real food eating. I can't deny all the results people are getting from THM, but those sugar alcohols and stevia and non dairy substitutes for raw honey and raw milk make me feel sick. 
Here's one of my favorite recipes from THM that is completely sensible and high powered nutrition: Chewy sprouted Mini Loaves

I have to warn you: these smell so good as they are "baking" that my mouth waters. My family wanders through the kitchen a dozen times a day remarking about the smell. 
I shape these little darlings into the perfect little  English muffin type shapes so I can toast them and slather them with butter. Maybe a little raw honey too. Or I use them to make an open faced sandwich. 
First I have to sprout the grain. It's super easy. Here's how I got started:
2  2 quart jars half filled with soft white wheat berries. That's what I have on hand but my favorite is spelt. Rinse them well and fill the jar with non chlorinated water and let sit a few hours. I soaked mine overnight. These little plastic sprouting lids are genius. 🐝 strain that water out and fill the jars back up and dump it again so the berries are rinsed. Do this twice day in the winter and more often in hotter weather. It took two days to get very long tails on my berries.
*my pictures aren't in perfect order. I am blogging off an app on my iPhone-

Put the sprouted berries in a food processor with a couple of pinches of good sea salt and blend until smooth. Do this in batches.

I had so much extra I decided to dehydrate over half of the sprouts for grinding later- thus I will have a nice stash of sprouted grain flour to put in the freezer. When it's that convenient there's no excuse for using devitalized flour.
The photo below for some freaky reason will not leave. I have tried repeatedly to delete it and it won't go. SO...you get to see it twice. Sorry.
I just have a little dehydrator. I will dehydrate these grains in about 112 for 48 hours or so. Maybe 36? I'll just have to keep my eye on them. No biggie, it's not like they're going to burn. 😘

  For the grains in the processor just blend until it looks doughy- something like the picture below.

If you've sprouted correctly this mess should smell "grassy" and fresh. Because I'm baking on parchment paper I'm adding a tablespoon or so of coconut oil to the dough. Just because I want to. I have done it without the oil with delightful results. I always like to mix it up a bit.


Because I had plenty of dough I decided to dehydrate a few loaves. I know in my little machine it will take days, but hey, it's winter and I got nothin' but time baby.

The little loaves I dehydrated tasted rancid. Not like a "sourdough" but really like they went bad. Not edible. Not sure what happened but maybe I was "baking" them at too low a temp.
The photo below shows one of the loaves toasted (a little too brown maybe) and slathered with melted butter. Delicious!

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