Saturday, July 26, 2014

5 Hebrew Words that Every Christian Should Know

Lois pulled me in by stating she's into artisanal Bible study.
So am I! She compares the common, quick, microwave-style pre-packaged devotional with an aromatic, spicy, savory meal- feasting on the Word instead of a vending machine style portion. She asks us to imagine a bag of bagel chips from the store compared to fresh, hot, chewy pita bread made by a bedouin over a fire. That's the difference in our translated word- still nourishing and good of course, but with a Hebrew context: oh-so-delicious!
She's right. I have since studied (as I have time- and it's not much) the Bible differently. I have a Strong's Bible app on my iPhone and iPad, a Hebrew Greek Study Bible, and I have read Lois' books as well as others on middle eastern culture and Bible times. Things like that, and they make a difference in how I understand the scriptures, which is Lois' point and ministry- helping us to get so much more out of our time in the Word.
Miss Tverberg explains the basic difference in Hebrew language vs. our English and why knowing the meanings of some key Hebrew words can make such a difference in broadening our understanding. Bringing some clarity to passages that don't quite translate clearly in our language and culture.
This ebook is a unique online study with live links to Gateway Bible so you can see 3 different hand picked English translations side-by-side to help you see what the Hebrew is trying to transmit to our greek thinking brains. She also has other links for further reading on topics. I enjoyed this study so much! I spent my whole Saturday doing it on my iPad but I also had printed out a copy because I really like to mark up and journal all over my studies. She's right though, the access and use of the links makes a big difference.
There are 5 fairly short studies. Words that you will learn and likely never forget. I'm pretty excited for her new book to come out, because I'm hungry to study more, and she makes it so easy and interesting. The insight I gain into my beloved Bible is enriching to my faith. I believe you would love this ebook too. It really is bite sized and I'm sure it will whet your appetite for tastier study as it did mine, if you're at all a Bible study lover like me. If you aren't yet, let this be your introduction to a rich and wonderful journey into the context and culture of the Bible's native language. Hebrew is a simple, yet beautiful language full of shades and layers of meanings. When my little people are more independent I plan on getting back to my Hebrew studies. This fall as part of my 15 year old son's homeschool studies I will incorporate Lois' books, including this one, into our Hebrew language course.
If you enjoy this book as much as me, I'd be glad to hear about it.
This ebook is only available on Lois Tverberg's site
You can also get a sample of the book here
  I have read this blog for a couple of years, always enjoying her articles. They shed light on biblical passages, culture, and always make me think.
Lois captured my interest with her approach to Bible study years ago with a small devotional type book Listening to The Language of the Bible. I have been interested in Hebrew word studies and culture since. Her other two books are both on my nightstand as well, and I highly recommend them: Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus, and Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus. I have both in book and kindle form.

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