Saturday, August 9, 2014

Trick My Mixer

So have you seen all of the brilliant ideas on Pinterest to trick out your Kitchenaid Mixer? I have long drooled over them myself.
This weekend I had a few girlfriends over for potluck lunch hen party. We brought our Kitchenaids and two if the brilliant, crafty ones brought a laptop and Cricket with sheets of vinyl in various colors.

Here's what we accomplished together:  
Bethany chose a bird and scripture- super cute!

Cyndie chose crowns and some Hebrew. 
Here's her partially done:

Excuse the mess on my counters please. With 13 of us eating we had a fair bit of clutter around. Much fun though.

Here's mine and I absolutely love it!

I know. It's darling!! And I got to spend the day with marvelous people and beautiful children. 

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