Monday, September 29, 2014

A Very Fine House

A Mother's Story of Love, Faith, and Crystal Meth.
A Very Fine House is a very fine read.

Just finished this and it was, for sure riveting.
From a Norman Rockwell picture perfect life to a parent's nightmare. From the family princess to a homeless drug addict.
But...from a comfortable life, to despair, anguish and strong faith. To freedom. What a story!
A gift to any parent of an addict, or anyone related in any way for that matter. I'd also add that it would be of special interest to those who love someone with a mental illness, personality disorder, or is otherwise sometimes a "handful". Worry, anxiety, betrayal- it all follows when you have someone in your life who is out of control. 
Barb wrote this book in such a voice that I was there, if you know what I mean. She wrote honestly and openly and her pearls of wisdom are invaluable. I walked her journey with her as she told it and major life lessons unfolded. I highly suggest a visit to her site. She has kept the information, advice and resources coming. If the book offers hope the site will be of practical benefit. As a matter of fact follow this link and watch a video. This wonderful woman will even come and speak!
Although there were many painful moments it was a relief to see  that Barb and her family actually received more than they lost by the end. The Lord came through when all hope seemed lost. Barb calls her Annie the hero and I'll agree but I'm nominating Barb for Mother of the Year!
Fantastic read. Helpful beyond what I imagined. Barb has a quick wit and sharp mind and serves us well by educating us and not merely relaying her experience but showing us the way to get through. Not only to survive but pick up the pieces and really live, no matter the outcome.
I highly recommend this book as a great and enthralling read- well-written, but also as a source of help and example of handling one of our culture's most difficult of situations for some families. 
*I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased written review.

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