Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Change is Comin'

Whenever God is about to radically change my life's direction I get miserable. I despise change but I hate being bored more so. I NEED to have clear purpose and do somebody some good. Otherwise I feel like I'm languishing. Being wasteful with my resources whatever they may be.

There are times, like now, when circumstances change and I don't recognize my life- for better or worse. Right now I know it's for better but I'm still restless and out of sorts. Actually I know that I know that because I'm a child of the Great King everything works out for the good anyway (Rom.8:28) but there are still those unsettling growing pains to deal with until I'm comfortable and confident again.
So... The winds of change are coming and I associate that wind with the Holy Spirit- the Ruach ha Kodesh in Hebrew. Who knows where He will take me. Just kidding I'm a wife and mother and my career is making a home/haven for my family and others. I won't be actually physically going anywhere per se; but emotionally, mentally and spiritually it's always a wild ride with Jesus. 
I'm getting a focus change. This should be good!

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