Sunday, December 6, 2015

Broken Foot Blues

So this is what's happening now. I had a corrective foot surgery and then a week later (the day before Thanksgiving for 20 people) I tripped over Magpie...

As you can see she's vicious and evil. She tripped me and I landed right on my foot full weight without the boot on. 
The bone is broken again and the screw misplaced and worthless.

Sitting around has been torture. Never mind the pain- it's the inconvenience of being so limited that I'm struggling with. And everything I feel I'm missing out on. If you know me at all you know I am always up to something. Now I'm not up to much at all. The struggle is real!

I crave being outside. I miss horseback riding and my goats. I miss long walks down miles of dirt roads where I'm blessed to live. 

I'm starting to see just how important it is to slow down and rest though. To ponder and linger- over thoughts, food, books, ideas, or whatever. 

This will be one Christmas season I won't be able to wear myself out. I'm going to enjoy a quieter and more thoughtful season. Is like to make it a habit but not for this reason!
***Merry CHRISTmas***

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