Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Homemade Kitchen

The author of this cookbook, Alana Chernila has another book out called The Homemade Pantry that I want to get my hands on because if it's anything like this book, it's a feast for the eyes and soul. 

Mrs. Chernila has a way of inspiring you with word pictures of homemade comfort and brave experiments in the kitchen. 
She discusses why we cook and who we are, and delighting in creative acts in your kitchen. She lays out a calm way of life that's just as nourishing to your bellies as it is to your family's hearts. 

The photography is outstanding. Gorgeous. The recipes are surprisingly do-able. Alana makes it look and sound easy and you find that astonishingly it is!
This is a book that not only encourages creativity it also reads in parts like a letter from a friend. I thoroughly enjoyed this!
It looks so inviting on my coffee table and when I had a spare moment to sit it often found its way into my hands. 

The recipes range from comfort food to cheese making and fermenting. From Spicey Pumpkin Hot Chocolate on page 87 to Cheesy Fish Crackers (176) to Jambalaya (272) to Preserved Lemons on page 95. 
The variety and range of delicious ideas and photos will keep you busy for a year!

She goes through the basics like roasting a chicken and using fresh green herbs, making a pickle, as well as turning your beautiful garden offerings into delightful dishes to accompany the impressive dinners you might decide to make. 
This author gives you the courage to get your hands dirty and your apron tied on. Invite people over, deliver a meal to someone, make a picnic, and have a well-fed work party. You will NOT be bored! 
This is hands down one of the best. For every reason.

*I received this copy free from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased written review.

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