Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Alkalizing green Smoothie

I have been living on green smoothies. I crave them. Today's smoothie is vegan.
I make enough to share so adjust amounts to suit you- I'm never precise so these are approximate amounts.

4 cups cold water
2 cups frozen baby kale greens (I buy the huge bags and throw the whole thing in the freezer so I always have them and don't worry about them going off)
1 1/2 cups frozen peaches
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 frozen banana
Handful of walnuts
1/4 cup zested frozen lemon (I freeze these too)

Blend until smooth and enjoy

In a few days when my milk kefir grains are producing I will be adding raw goat milk kefir to my smoothies every day.

You could also add some quality plain cultured yogurt, flax seeds or any other kind of nut. Cashews blended become very creamy and dreamy. I use those often.

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