Sunday, October 9, 2016

Open Review

Have you ever wondered if the Bible is still relevant? If it's relevant to your personally; maybe in a specific situation? What does the story about Martha and Mary really mean to my life?
Have you ever secretly thought:

"I'm told only Jesus can satisfy all of my deepest longings but that doesn't seem to "work" for me." so...
"I read the Bible every day, I'm faithful to tithe, and I serve in a soup kitchen every week but I still feel like I'm missing something..."

The Bible is full of stories. What can they possibly signify of us today in our modern generations?
David Gregory in his short book "Open" illustrates the Good news gloriously for us. Wouldn't it be something to be able to see Jesus face-to-face and ask Him some questions? What if we could be a fly on the wall during the major stories in the gospel accounts as they were happening?

In Open we follow along on an adventure of a lifetime with Emma, as she does exactly that. As she walks and learns one-on-one with Jesus, Emma gets to ask Jesus Himself to clarify His teachings and her heart is opened to the reality of what Jesus really accomplished on the cross and what we gained by it.

I related to Emma in that I struggle with trying to discipline myself to do what only abiding in Jesus can accomplish. What a beautiful way to show us the heart of the Father. 
In church this morning the Pastor said, "Jesus is the Logos. He is the Word. He not only knows content but intent." I thought that was profound, and perfectly complimented the message of Open.

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in order to write an unbiased review.


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