Monday, October 8, 2007

Important Life Lessons

Not in any particular order:

Don't carry eggs around in your pocket.

Don't "run out of the house for a quick minute" while in your PJs. Someone WILL see you.

If someone stares at a certain point on your face while you are talking, realize you are not inspiring devotion because of your blinding have spinache in your teeth, hay in your hair, or something smudged on your cheek.

If you really have to ask if you look fat in those jeans- you do.

And last but not least...
(leave your important life lesson in the comments. I'll post my favorite one)


  1. go the speed limit in the school zone??? sorry had to tee hee!!! luv you, missed you yesterday

  2. hhmmmm.......nope. That one's not my favorite.

  3. The keys and remote are always the last place you look! ;)

  4. Ditto the PJ's thing! Also, do not go outside to water the garden in your "around the house" shorts and tank top, without brushing your hair and at least attempting to make yourself presentable. Even if it is 7:00 in the morning- the guy working next door at the church WILL see you and feel the need to bring over an antique window you've been eyeing....(and have a funny story to share with the other workers I'm sure). Aahh the life of a minister's wife- just goes to show you God DOES have a sense of humor! Poor hubby :) .

    Hugs to you Queenie,

  5. OK, one more for you Queenie:

    Bouncing on one of those mini-trampolines is just not a dignified way to exercise for one who has birthed 3 children ;) !


    Your sister in Texas :)

  6. I TOTALLY agree with must have a VERY good bra if you do that! ")


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