Thursday, October 11, 2007

Un-Frugal Friday

I am sorry, but I have to go against the norm here (like that's unusual) and post something that isvery unfrugal on a Friday. Usually people adhere to the "Frugal Friday" , but I'll just have to be frugal another day.

My post is a tip for a favorite two coffees:

In the fall I always stock up on Millstone Pumpkin Spice coffee. It is SO yummy. sigh. I LOVE it.

My other favorite coffee is a rich, dark roast ground (I always buy beans and grind them myself- I am a Washington girl!) with raw cacao nibs. I know that's a little over-the-top, but it's so tasty, and I tell myself it's healthier...raw cacao is very good for you after all. ") It tastes like the smoothest, richest mocha...only better. (Of course I do dabble in a bit of cream)

I do that with a nice swiss water processed decaf bean and give myself a caffeine break.

So, there's my confession- not only am I a coffee snob, but I have reached new heights in it even. Judge me, but I bet you wouldn't mind coming over to my house for an afternoon coffee break, would ya?!


  1. okay, I want some of that coffee!!! And I am not even much of a coffee kind of girl, I lean toward the chai tea, but with the cocoa nibs, and the pumpking spice you are talking about, yum! Let me know when you have a fresh pot brewing!

  2. Okay!
    ANytime- 'cause the truth is I have either one every morning!

  3. Okay, so how long will it take for me to get to your house from my house?:)


  4. I'm not sure, but if you hurry, you'll be in time for morning coffee perhaps, or at least afternoon coffee. I love it both times!

  5. who needs a caffeine break? Glad that your are blogging again!!! :)


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