Tuesday, October 2, 2007

At The Rodeo...


T. steer riding! 1st ever and she took 3rd place.

B. "Mutton Bustin'" Also, his first time EVER and he took 2nd place by a hair!

T. Warming up for poles on Fancy

B. Lookin' good at the rodeo! Eat your heart out girls! He's mine. (for awhile)


  1. Thanks for the cute photos...to bad I don't have a younger daughter...that little guy would be a great catch:):)


  2. Well, in this little circle of friends, the cutey-pie has MANY girls to choose from :)!

    I love these pics...that rodeo must have been so much fun, sorry we missed it!

  3. those are great! i have never been to a rodeo. isn't that sad?

    i hope you are doing well! you've been on my mind.
    :) jen


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