Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Some Goals Accomplished ")

Today we did our chores and homeschool assignments, and made a den in the laundry pile. (which is 70% one person's, and it ain't the kids!)
I made two batches of soap inbetween school, three meals, and a massage appointment.
Soap#1 was made with super beta-carotene goodies. I juiced some tomatoes out of my garden with a couple of large carrots and one apple from the orchard across the road. I froze it and then thawed it halfway and blended it in my Vitamix until it was like a slushy. Then I put it into the pan that I use for liquid and lye mixing and put it into the freezer until my pan was very cold. I then placed it into the kitchen sink in an ice water bath and slowly added the lye.
I was worried that the sugars in those juices would do something nasty with the lye, but it seemed to work. Then I finished the process ")
Soap #2 was a goatmilk/kefir blend for the liquids. I tried a new scent called "lettuce". It doesn't smell like lettuce at all, but it is fabulous.
My order from Brambleberry came with the Almond Biscotti scent I want to try next. Yum.
We just finished spaghetti and salad and now we are going to relax with a dish of icecream and watch one of my favorite shows: "Little People Big World" as soon as the girls finish cleaning the kitchen and the barn chores are done.
I'm tired and my belly is full from too much dinner. I forgot to eat today until dinner time and then overdid it. ugh. Lazy evening on the couch is in order!
Tomorrow will be super busy again, only out and about...that just reminded me that I still need to do a couple more loads of laundry and make granola tonight. sigh.
Better to go to bed tired from work than lie awake unable to sleep from too little, right?!


  1. Hi Dalyn; Glad to find you here...sounds like such a busy day...I'm tired just reading your psot...but sure would love to try some of that soap:):)


  2. Okay...I meant post(dyslexic moment or exhaustion??)



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