Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

I have been staying home most days and hardly going out at all- so nice! I love the house this time of year. So cozy with the fire going and the tea pot. Just a great time of year for baking, soups and stews and crafts. Oh yes...and books!

I have spent alot of time making soaps and lotion bars and Tori has been busy with her lip butters. I'm going to order a special batch of banana lip butter from her ") It's my favorite.

Below is a picture of my gift packaging ideas for my goodies. What do ya think?

This should bring a, at the computer with my little rotten dog. My oldest son took this and thought he was pretty funny. There are not many pictures of me around. #1 I am not photogenic at all. #2 I just plain don't like my picture taken.
The room I'm in is the room I'm going to beautify this spring. I'm going to make it look how the rest of my house is- country and cozy. NOT nasty early 80's with peeling wall paper. ugh.


  1. Oh Dalyn: Those soaps look so good, I could almost eat them...please save some for when I come in March:)

    Tell Tori to save some Lip Butter too...


  2. Connie my dear, you can pick and choose what you like out of my soap room when you are here! Never fear.

  3. Thank you....already saving my loose change:-)

    Can't wait!

  4. YUMMY - those soaps look good enough to eat!!!! Your packaging looks soooo pretty - you are a very talented lady! Love the photo of you & your little dog - how CUTE - you're beautiful both inside AND outside!! :-)

  5. Audrey, you are too nice! If ever there was a beautiful lady inside and out- that would be you! That smile is the sweetest smile...why do you think Gianna took to you so fast? It's that genuine heart of yours that peeks out of your face! ")

    Thankyou for your kind words. Can't wait for you and Connie to come out. We will have to get you gals up on a horse!


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