Friday, November 16, 2007

Weekend Get-away in the Middle of the Week!

Wednesday the boys and I went across the mountains to my friend Gretchen's place. She and I have a great time together and words probably can't describe how much fun my boys have with her four boys.

Wednesday was visiting friends...Jessica came over and then Marilyn after dinner.

Jessica has sbeen one of my dear friends for alot of years, and she's going to have another baby, a little girl this time. Hooray!

Marilyn is a woman I admire above most. She is the mother of eight great kids, and she has a great relationship with them. She's an adventurer, and I love how she doesn't at all fit the image f the typical homeschool mom of many. She's an example of a life spent loving the Lord and her family. She's just full of wisdom. Not stuffy and religious, but a woman who really knows and has a deep relationship with Jesus.

You might not believe this, but three middle aged homeschool moms can have quite a bit of fun! Gretch fired up the cute little red Jeep and Marilyn and I climbed in for a 4X4 ride through the woods on their property and then on to the new Borders for coffee, cookies, and heartfelt chatting. It was a wonderful time, and I am so grateful for friends thta love the Lord and their kids- women with wisdom that comes from the Word and the Holy Spirit, and are still really, really, fun people to hang out with ")

Gretchie, you and that little red Jeep are SO cool! ")

Gretch will kill me for this next time she can reach me...but here is what happened Thursday- we stayed in our jammies for most of the time, and homeschooled the boys together. This is Gretchie in the kitchen doing dishes in her jammies. She's so cute! I love her kitchen. All that gorgeous wood came from trees cleared on their own property.

I told you, Nick, that you would be on my blog! Here's the third C. son, and his little buddy Chipper. Chipper did school too, only because he wanted to eat the erasers off the pencils.

Here's my two boys doing their math. (with Chipper- who demaned to participate, and again, it was just for access to the erasers!)

Here's the handsome Zack, and somewhere in the diningroom were also Joe and Jeff.
Those who shudder at the thought of homeschooling would really get "Bunged up" (Gretchies word that I love) over homeschooling six boys, but to be honest they are so much fun it was really alot like a party. They are all good boys and so much fun to be around. Thanks for a great time guys! Thanks to Scott for the Starbucks run early Thursday morning! You are awfully nice to put up with us in the first place. That was above and beyond...

My lotion bars and bath salts are ready to go...see them here:


  1. Have I ever told you I really like your blog name??? And personally, homeschool or not, I think middle aged moms can have a blast (and probably find more trouble to get into than their teen age daughters given the opportunity!)


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