Saturday, November 10, 2007


This is a little of what I have been up to...

Processing the pumpkins into puree-

I cut them up after a good washing and roasted the pieces. I kept back the seeds and roasted them as well. They are the favorite snack food around here.

After being pureed, the pumpkin was measured into 1 cup portions, put into sandwhich bags, and frozen for the winter.

~Soaps 'n Such~

Here is my Lush Lavender goatmilksoap. This one is essential oils and lavender from my back yard. It turned out gorgeous.

Here are the Punkin' Spice, Baby's Breath, and Beta-Carotene bar, and Almond Biscotti that are all cured and wrapped. They went into a local spa yesterday.

My soap room smells divine! I have these curing now:
Almond Biscotti
Almond Biscotti Cocoa Swirl
Punkin' Spice
Grubby Guy Hand Scrub
Spiced Pear
Candied Citrus Peel
Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary, and Kefir Complexion Bar
Angel Kisses
Cinnie Buns
Candy Cane
Creamy Honey Chai Tea
Lush Lavender
And my new fun hobby- I have two solid Lotion Bar batches- Ginger Pear and Pear Glace.
Those are so fabulous! I wanted to make them for myself because I used to buy them- but I decided I'd get the best beeswax, from Tahuya across the mountains, and some good skin butters and make my own. I have to say, quite blushing too, that mine are better than the ones I bought all those years. I am thrilled with the recipe I came up with from reearching what others were doing and what I thought would make a good, lush bar.
I also have some yummy bath salts done. Pear Glace and Ginger Pear. They are so great because they aren't just salts but some other good, skin softening goodies. If the bathroom didn't need to be all torn out and redone right now I would enjoy a good soak!
I am feeling pretty good about all that has been done. I even have all the laundry done for a ranch-living family of 6, and that's probably my greatest accomplishment. whew!
I have quite a few more soaps and matching lotion bars to make, but that will have to wait. I'm pooped...and it's time to make dinner!

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  1. I'm inspired now, between the pumpkin and the soap I have a lot to work on this weekend. I want to freeze my sweet potatoes, so I can have sweet potato pie all winter long (we don't have a cellar). Plus, I have two pumpkins and was wondering if I could freeze them too, now I know. I love your soap, you have it packaged and displayed so nicely. Great work!

    Take Care


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