Thursday, November 29, 2007

Snow Day

Here is what Tori was up to today. She got some more lip butters made up for special orders, and I had her label them real quick so I could take pictures to put up in our web shoppe. I'm still working on that. It's painstaking. I'm hoping to get it up and live soon though.

Here's our future site address:

We have gotten so much snow! There was eight inches out there this afternoon. The kids and I are staying in...I will need to get to the store by tomorrow though...scarey! We have been home alone again for a few days- getting used to it? Nope. I'm still homesick. It's worse during December. Awanas and Bible studies are all on break for the month, and then there's Christmas alone again this year. It's all a bummer. I'm hoping to go home for Christmas to my aunt and uncle's house. The kids have asked if we could try, so if I can get through the mountain pass alone with 4 children and a dog- we will!

This is a picture I took this morning out the window. I was watching the boys sledding down the big hill in the pasture early before the girls were up.

Doesn't the snow look pretty on th branches? The little frozen berries caught my eye. The little birds will need those now!

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  1. I love snow days! It is so pretty around here, huh? Don't be lonely, come on over for some Christmas tea!


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