Sunday, December 2, 2007

Snow, Snow, & More Snow

As you can see we have more than enough snow. It's a good thing the kids and I did our grocery shopping and tocked up on livestock feed, too. It's getting pretty thick out there. Doug went hunting a few days ago and we have no idea where he is. Typical. The kids and I are managing the animals and stoves alone, but I keep promising myself this is the last winter here. It's hard. It may be pretty, but it's alot of work and fuss. The youngest child is sick today, and one of the horses as well. Typical. I'm pretty tired of typical.

This is my front yard. The first two years here I had a great neighbor, and actually two, that took care of the kids and I when Doug was gone all the time. They would plow my driveway and check in on us. They have moved now. I have a 4 wheel drive this year though, so we are making it. I sure do miss that friendly face riding over on the snowmobile though.


  1. Dalyn, I can relate to what you're saying. Used to be the same with us here. Whenever hubby was away, something momentously not so good happened. One of those times was 9/11 - he was in PARIS, France, of all places! Anyways, it's better now that he works at home almost all the time, but I definitely feel for you!
    Hugs! Audrey

  2. Your front yard looks gorgeous...sorry your youngest is sick...tell her we are praying she recuperates quickly...and we will pray for dh safe return home.



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