Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Pictures

Christmas day the kids and I hopped around visiting loved ones, whlie Doug spent the day at the station on duty. It was a grand day! We were on the west side of the mountains snowed! On Christmas day! Miracle! Piles of lovely white stuff that is so rare over there.

Here they are in Poulsbo at Uncle Ivan and and Aunt Donna's place. They are crowded around my cousin Randy.

Here's Tay and Ben Dec. 24th, the day we opened gifts. Doug had to work the 25th so that's why we exchanged gifts early and why we drove at a miserable time of morning for 3 hours to get to the west side with him on the 25th.

The day after Christmas we spent at my best buddy's house. I was so sick! She sweetly fed all my children and hers pancakes in the morning and then lunch and dinner. Can you imagine such a friend?? I lounged at her home, as my husband snored upstairs, ill from antibiotics and an ear infection, while the hundreds of children (it seemed like it) played. It was hard to leave, we have so much fun together and just hanging around talking about Jesus and kids and life and hair color...every girl needs a friend like Gretchie!

This is Christmas evening at Gramma Betty and Grampa Bob's, where we had an enormous spread to feast on. THe best ham ever, from a neighbor who hand raised it on veggies. Yum!They gave the children board games and then Grampa Bob fed them mountains of candy and patiently played checkers with each one and told stories all the while. What a guy!
The picture below is one of the pair of coyote that were in the pasture. The picture is taken from the kitchen window and we had a great time watching the coyotes and two dogs chase and tease and fuss with each other. I think the coyotes got bored with it all, as one of them took off and the other layed down in the snow like he thought he might catch a little nap!

Here is the gift we gave the kids this year...a quad! They were so thrilled and surprised! Every ranch kid needs a quad, huh? Today they are pulling the sleds around behind it and having a great time. I didn't get pictures of that, Teresa, but I will eventually!

Now I need to have my other buddies over with their kids to ride it! As soon as I get a working refridgerator in the house I will be ready for company...that broke down on the 24th.


  1. Thank you deary for posting all those wonderful pictures...sounds like you had an awesome Christmas too.


  2. Hope you're feeling better!!! :-)



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