Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hooters or Church?

I just gotta ask, as a mother of sons and a wife, why is it that some women feel they need to dress as if they are going to work at Hooters rather than attending a worship service at Church?
"Ladies", and I use that term with all due respect, what are you thinkin?


  1. I think this is due to the natural human nature to feel sexy. Most woman like to feel this way, and most men also like the feeling of knowing that others have an interest. We are sexual by nature, whether to procreate, or for personal gratification. Why do we wear makeup, nylons under our skirts, the cutest shoes with our new outfit, perm our hair, paint our nails? It is all to be seen, feel good about ourselves, and to fill a much needed spot within ourselves. Perhaps whatever the 'Hooters' theme does for that individual, is what makes them unique and fills that 'spot'.

    It's just a thought, neither wrong or right, just an opinion.

  2. Dalyn, I'm with you on that one.

  3. Amen, sister! It boggles the mind sometimes, doesn't it?

  4. thanks for the visit.

    LOL.....maybe they were on their lunch break? :)
    I loved that post.


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