Tuesday, December 18, 2007


If you are a homeschool family with a sense of humor, you will get a good laugh at this. If you don't have have a good sense of humor...get one!
We have had alot of sicknesses here. That's so unusual and it's really not fun. I find myself longing for the quiet evenings in front of the fire with a good book and all the children gathered around munching popocorn. For some reason things seem to be so busy we never get in front of the fire. I'm going to make a serious effort that we do that once in awhile again.
Our soap shop is doing fantastic. I'm really blessed by that, as it's alot of fun. I enjoy the contact with the customers. It's amazing how people from all over contact me and I get to know something about them quite often, maybe send up a prayer for them, and get "meet" interesting people from interesting places. Some places I have never heard of! It's pretty fun to hear of unusual towns in the USA. We Americans have come up with some funny names.
On a sad note our puppy has gone missing. The kids are really sad, so we are holding out hope that one of the neighbors found her and she is toasting herself by a warm fire nibbling treats...not entertaining the knowledge that the pair of coyote a hundered feet from our back fence have been very bold lately...and that they wouldn't want a puppy to grow up to be a dog right in "their" territory.
That's dog number 4 or 5 or 6 or something since we moved here. Yikes.


  1. Hi Dalyn, We loved the soap! So cute! Especially loved the homeschool family video! Some things are very similar!Hmmm? Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  2. So sorry to here about your puppy....I'm sure the kids are heart sick about the situation....keep us posted.

    Glad to hear your soap business is doing so well...I like it when woman have small home businesses and they do well...I like supporting those kinds of ventures...just keep lots for me and Audrey:-) (oh ya, I think I've reminded you of that enough)...I am so excited to be coming for a visit...can hardly wait...just hope Anika's citizenship gets here in time so we can purchase her passport...she would so love to see your daughter...and the rest of the gang...and of course, meet DD new mama :-)


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