Monday, January 7, 2008

Show & Tell Friday: Ranch Visit

If you were to visit our ranch. like my friend Teresa, and her kids, this is a bit of what you would

see and experience:

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If you come to the ranch for a visit, you may be put to work in the kitchen like little J. She's cooking with my oldest daughter, and wearing my apron!

You would likely go out to the barn to see the dairy goat herd. If you are crazy enough to bring treats in your pocket, you will be mugged!

Of course you will want to go into thekidding pen, where you will visit the new mamma Poppit, and her twins, Blondie and Oliver. This is J. holding Blondie.

This is another J. holding his new pet, Oliver.

You would get a kiss from this happy face- Punkin'. Doesn't she have cute freckles?

So, wouldn't you like to come to the ranch? You will have to help with chores...there's lots!

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  1. Oh, my it does look like good fun at your house!! Too bad I am half a continent away, or I'd pack the kids up and join you:-)

    I love that little puppy she an Aussie?

  2. Looks like the ranch is a lot of fun. I remember cleaning pigpens when I was a child and the pigs would eat my rubber boots. One day, my dad brought a goat home from the sale barn...but he didn't go to the sale for goats!! Fun memories.

  3. Don't know if my blog url came through so I'm posting again.....sorry. Hope that last one worked. Seem to be having technical difficulties today!

  4. What a great ranch you have and I'm sure it's a lot of work to care for it and all the animals. Blessings...

  5. Nice ranch! I enjoyed seeing what I would see if I were there in person! Looks like fun!


  6. I would love to visit your ranch, it looks like so much fun!

  7. You must have a nice life on a ranch ! (without counting the work of course, lol) but being surrounded by animals having a lot of space must be wonderful. I have nothing against people who have barn cats as long as they are well fed and neutred ! I am sure a lot of cats would appreciate to live in a barn and not locked in a flat !

  8. I love you but you are a stinker:)!!!

  9. Ranch livin' is the place for me! To get away from the city would be a delight.

    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, and by the way, I give you full permission to make and bake those peanut butter marble brownies! Your daughter has quite the discriminating eye for a delicious recipe.

  10. I love farms! I used to have horses, three goats, chickens, and cats. I miss that life. But I am content with the life I have now. :)

    By the way, we had two Nubians. I *love* those goats. They are sooo sweet.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I enjoyed my visit here.

  11. Cute kids!! What fun times.
    Thanks for visiting my site.

  12. Looks like a lot of kids would love the goats....don't think we will make it there in March:-(


  13. I grew up on a farm and enjoyed visiting you through your beautiful pictures.

  14. I would love to visit the ranch--How fun!!

    Julieann :)

  15. A tad difficult to pop over for coffee from another continent but enjoyed my cyber visit very much.

  16. This is a great show and tell. What a fun place to visit, but I'm sure it is much work.
    Kathy b

  17. What fun! I would definitely enjoy a visit. I can't remember what part of WA you are in, but hey, it can't be too far since I'm right in the middle.

    I've always wanted goats. Unfortunately around here, most farms have coyotes that don't allow for a large barn cat population.


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