Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dropped off my Baby

I dropped off my baby this morning. Well, techincally she's my oldest child at 15, but really, they all stay babies in mamma's heart, don't they?!
She's on her way to Disney Land with some friends of ours. They have 6 kids- 4 adopted from Liberia and my girl helps out with being a sort of a-one- day- a -week -nanny for them. They are road tripping and will be gone for 10 looooong days. What will we do without her?
Every family that adopts small African children needs a girl like mine...she learned to braid African-style in short order, can change a diaper and sew on a patch all at once, and knows how to stretch a dollar by making homemade meat bone broth while she's reading stories, baking homemade wheat bread, and rocking the baby.
Whew! Again, what will I do without her?!
Have fun Cita! Eat some junk and ride the scarey rides! Spend all your loot and bring back those dumb Mickey Ears and a cool T-shirt.

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