Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Farmgirl!

I'm a very happy farmgirl this morning *U*
I woke up early for Bible and coffee time, and can you guess what luxury I had in my coffee cup?
That's right! Real, fresh, raw cream that I scooped off the gallon of raw milk. Store-bought half & half never tasted like this! Very similar to eating dessert for breakfast. ahhhh...lovely!
Also, my barn is full of hay again. That's right, my big-muscled husband and oldest son went and bought more hay and nothing feels like security and well-being for a farm girl, like the barn stacked to the rafters with hay.
I am going to sell another half doxen of my Nubian doelings. I'm sad about it, but my back is just so damaged it can't take the kind of wear and tear that so many goats needing milking, feet trimming, and shots requires. So...if you know anybody who's looking for milk goats, send 'em my way! I'd trade for a good old fashioned breed milk cow!
Today it's just Tay, and the younger two children and I. We are doing a bit of bookwork, then off to the library and then home again to cut a batch of soap and make two batches of lotion bars. Dinner at the church tonight and then Awanas.
The sun is belly is full of rich cream, and my house is tidy, and we live with the knowledge that in Jesus we are loved beyond all reason. It's a good day.

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