Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Made Me Blush!

I have met the coolest farm girls on Mary Jane's Farm forum. I'll tell you what- those women are busy! They work hard, and have terribly interesting lives.
There is one big city (NY) farmgirl that really intrigues me. She puts together an e-zine that I like (and not just because she has featured me *U*) and she is really cool-
Well, she has been so sweet to me, and posted about my soaps on her blog.
I was flat blushing!

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  1. Hey there-
    We are all hard workin' farmgirls and LOVE every moment of it! Thanks for stopping by :-) I will give a hi there hello to little miss Wanda June, and will give her a hug too, as well as Frannie for ya.



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