Friday, February 29, 2008

Funny Post, and My Spring Soaps

This woman has a fun post on her blog; a hilarious idea for spring...go see *U*

....And, while you're here, take a look at some of my spring soaps!

A light, refreshing scent that really works! Ginger Lime.

Relaxing, soothing, and yet a pick-me-up kind of scent: Lavender Mint

Doggy Spa! Such a fun idea for pet lovers like myself. This soap has all the goodness of a raw goat milk soap with several essential oils that deter fleas, lice, and ticks- leaving behind a pleasant lavender and rosemary scent for Fido's fur, even while being gentle and nourishing for his skin. Dog's skin dries out easily, so this is a great shampoo bar to use. No detergents, chemicals, or synthetic nasties here...

Kumquat is a citrus type scent that is delightful. It is my new favorite!

Get 'em while you can at Hick Chicks Soap Barn. We are delighted to say that they get snapped up quickly *U*

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  1. Cute soap!! You won my custom clipboard drawing on my blog, so email me your wish list and mailing info so I can get started on it and congrats to you!!


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